How You Can Solve Your Partner’s Snoring So You Can Both Sleep Better

Do you sleep with someone who snores? If you do, it’s likely that you both wake up tired and grouchy in the morning. Maybe you’ve tried various anti-snoring devices to no avail. Instead of pouring your money into those products which may only offer questionable relief from snoring, let’s talk about a snoring cure that maybe hasn’t occurred to you – a new mattress. While no mattress can claim that it actually cures snoring in 100% of users, a new mattress can keep your body aligned better than a sagging mattress, which doesn’t allow your airway to have the best chance of remaining open as you sleep. Need to confirm that new mattresses are great for people who snore? Come visit us at any of our 35 locations to test out some of our top brands like Simmons, Serta, Tempur-Pedic and more.

Why Snoring Needs to be Dealt With & What to Do

Snoring can lead to more serious problems; in fact did you know that some people who snore may be suffering from sleep apnea symptoms? Not all snorers are sleep apnea sufferers, but small changes to one’s routine and lifestyle can keep snoring at bay. The American Association of Maxillofacial Surgeons offers these tips for snorers and some additional tips and insights to those who may have sleep apnea. They mention changing sleep position, which is a good idea. Back sleepers should try sleeping on their side to get snoring relief. Another recommendation that can help many people is a new mattress.

Test Mattresses in Person – Lie Down on Them!

Your friends or relatives may swear by their mattresses, and while a good tip from someone you know may be helpful, there’s nothing like actually lying down on a mattress yourself. If you sleep with a partner regularly, bring him or her along to do the testing with you. Don’t worry about what people may think of you. Lie down on several mattresses and bring a note pad with you to jot down your impressions. The mattress specialists in our stores are definitely on your side; they want you to try out the mattresses so you’ll make the best choice for you.

Now when you meet with our mattress specialists in our Arizona stores, please understand that they will make several recommendations in addition to pointing you towards a new mattress. Two of these recommendations concern mattress toppers/pads and new pillows. Both of these products allow you to get even more value from your new mattress. Many of today’s mattress toppers feature amazing memory foam that will cushion you for a perfect night’s sleep. New pillows are definitely essential as they will align your head and neck to help alleviate snoring. The result? You’ll get more comfort from your new mattress and wake up more refreshed than ever!

We invite you to come over to any of our Arizona locations and test out some of our name brand mattresses. There’s one with your name on it that may just be the solution to the snoring problems in your household.

Avoiding a Bad Back By Equipping Your Home with the Best Fitting Mattress

A great mattress could make the difference between years of back pain and relative comfort as you get older. Many individuals find themselves frequenting the spa or chiropractor in an effort to relive pain that has been accumulating over the years. Some people do not realize the pain and discomfort a bad mattress causes. Poor mattresses are killers on the back, causing spine tension, sciatica, and other major issues that continue over decades. There is no respite from chronic pain, and retaining a bad mattress for years after its expiration date is a surefire way to join the many facing major back problems as they age.

Poor sleeping habits also do not help. People sometimes squirm in their sleep creating inconsistent pressure on the back. Poor posture while sleeping also adds to back issues. Sometimes, these issues can only be delayed but never avoided entirely. So what is the solution? Amazingly, a new mattress can provide the answer to many chronic pain problems.

Mattresses differ in a number of ways, and different types fit different needs. The first aspect to consider is size. Mattresses that are too small will cause people to be uncomfortable. This will add to the tension and contribute to poor sleep.

Mattresses are available in a variety of sizes:

  • Twin (twin XL)
  • Full (Full XL)
  • Queen (Queen Split)
  • King (King Split)
  • California King

Mattress options go far beyond size. One of the most important factors to consider is the comfort type. This is the single most significant attribute that contributes to a great night’s sleep. The comfort types include dual, euro top, firm, pillow top, plush, and tight top.

Plush is perhaps the softest option. It is designed with a very soft top surface that is incredibly comforting. But underneath the top layer, the mattress actually has a more rigid construction. This is because ‘too soft’ will not allow the spine to remain properly aligned. The mattress will sag and cause major spine curvature issues.

Firm is the exact opposite. It establishes a nice, firm feel throughout the entirety of the mattress, and this type of mattress is effective in keeping the spine nice and straight.

As you can see there is an option for everyone at Bedmart. Buying a new mattress is a smart purchase. It can prolong your life, quite literally, by allowing you to benefit from restorative sleep. For a healthy back and a great overall feeling every morning when you wake up, purchase a new mattress at least every 8 years.

When is the Right Time to Visit an Arizona Mattress Store?

You see Arizona mattress stores all over the place. Once you buy a mattress for your bed, you’re done, right? Why would you need to go back into a store once you have a quality mattress to sleep on? At Bedmart, we are committed to helping you get a good night’s sleep for life – and this is why we carry all of the products that we do.

When you visit an Arizona mattress store, you will find more than just mattresses. You will find pillows, pillow tops, mattress covers and much more. These are all designed to give you what you need to sleep well – as well as to protect your mattress.

If you have a bed wetter at home, you don’t want urine going through the bed. This is why it’s important to locate a rubber mattress cover. This may be a prime time to visit a mattress store. We can even help you to select the best cover based upon nightly activity and the size of the bed.

Your mattress has a finite life to it. Did you know that you should be replacing your mattress every eight years or so? As you lie on your bed every night, sweat and dead skin cells are being absorbed into the mattress – and this adds a lot of weight to the mattress itself. A mattress salesperson can actually tell how old your current mattress is based upon the weight.

Considering that you want to get a good night’s sleep, it’s critical that you visit an Arizona mattress store periodically. At the very least, you should be coming in every eight years in order to shop for a new mattress. Even beyond that, however, you should visit in order to get all of the accessories that you need. If your pillow isn’t providing you with enough support, it’s time to upgrade – and we can help you with the selection based upon whether you sleep on your side, back or stomach.

It’s important to choose the right time to go to an Arizona mattress store as well so you get the best prices possible. At Bedmart, we are always running various promotions. You can visit our website or our store for more details on these promotions. These have a way of saving you a significant amount of money so that you don’t have to spend any more than what is absolutely necessary.

Every bed in your house needs to follow the same guidelines. You should be updating the mattress every eight years and supplying the mattress with a quality mattress cover. There should also be supportive pillows lying on the bed.

We can help you with everything that you need to get a good night’s sleep. No matter when you come in, we can get you a good deal. We have competitive pricing and we work with some of the best brands in the mattress industry, giving you quality every step of the way.

How to Dress Your New Mattress

Learn How to Buy Beautiful and Functional Bedding

You’re finally getting that new mattress after years of putting it off. A mattress is a truly personal thing. You spend a good portion of your life sleeping, so it’s critical that the mattress that you rest on is as comfortable as possible. You’ve already done all of your research, and you’re certain that you’re choosing the mattress that works best for you. If you’re someone who suffers from joint pain, you may have made the decision that one of the memory-foam mattresses that we sell at Bedmart is your best bet. You love the fact that the mattress will mold itself to fit your body, relieving your body’s pressure points. If you’re a person who can’t sleep on soft mattresses, a latex mattress probably makes the most sense to you. Buying the mattress is only the beginning, however. Now you’ve got to dress the mattress and bed. If you have no idea how to dress a bed, and you’re looking for a beautiful, layered look, check out the information below.

Create a Solid Base

You’re going to want to create a nice, solid base from which the rest of the bedding will spring. Choose a fitted sheet and a matching top sheet in a solid color. Make sure that they fit your new mattress. Some queen-sized beds are deeper than others, so you’ll have to make sure that you find a fitted sheet that has dimensions that will fit your particular mattress. Imagine that you’re creating a neutral backdrop for the rest of the bedding. Good base colors include whites and creams.

Add a Beautiful Quilt

A gorgeous quilt will go a long way towards bringing visual interest to your bedding. Choose an antique quilt that your grandmother knitted, or purchase one from your favorite online bedding vendor. Quilts come in all sorts of amazing patterns ranging from chevrons to patchwork, so choose the pattern that brings you the most joy and makes you want to dive on in. You could also choose a gorgeous blanket in place of a quilt. Fold your quilt and top sheet down so that they make a beautiful, contrasting pattern on the bed. You’ll want to fold them about a quarter of the way down so that they stagger each other.

Choose Your Pillows

Your pillows are the stars of your bed. They give your head, neck and body plenty of support, but they’re also great at showing off your beautiful linens and making your bed seem cozy. There are several types of pillows that will be needed to make your perfect layered bed. Choose two shams, and place them close to your headboard or the top of your bed. The sham covers should be made of the same material as your quilt, or at least something similar. Next, place your regular sleeping pillows in front of the sham. The regular pillowcases should match your base sheets.

Top it Off with a Duvet

Those gorgeous covered duvets at the foot of the bed add the final touch to a layered bed. Pick a duvet and duvet cover that you like. Cover the duvet with the cover, and fold it across the foot of your bed. At this point, you can toss a few throw pillows and throws across the bed, and voila!

What Affects a Person’s Ability to Sleep

A good night’s sleep is extremely important for good health. Without adequate, quality sleep time, the body is not allowed the time it needs to recover from the day’s activities. The human body requires anywhere from 8 to 10 hours of sleep each night, depending on a person’s age and physical condition, to rejuvenate and rest from a day’s normal activities. To achieve a restful night’s sleep an REM state must be reached for several of those hours. This is a deep and relaxing sleep in which the body is able to repair itself on a cellular level.

Several things can affect how well a person sleeps. The inability to completely relax after an extremely stressful day can lead to a night of tossing and turning. The mind does not let go of the day’s events, allowing them to play over and over in a person’s mind. This can lead to nightmares and constant tossing and turning. Trying to relax and let go of the events of the day is just one way of ensuring a peaceful night’s sleep.

Another reason for poor sleep is a broken down mattress. Mattresses are supposed to support the back and neck and offer a comfortable, but firm cushion that promotes healthy sleep patterns. The older a mattress gets the less effective it becomes. Many people lay on the same portion of the mattress night after night, causing the materials to break down over time. Most mattress companies in Arizona recommend turning or flipping a mattress every 3 to 6 months to prevent this type of structural breakdown.

Individuals who have experienced a back injury require a mattress that is firm enough to support their back and take pressure off of their hips and shoulders. TempurPedic and other memory foam mattresses are designed for maximum support and comfort. They conform to the structure of the body and provide support to the areas that need it the most. Mattresses that have broken down due to age or offer little in the way of support because of poor construction can actually make back problems worse if a person sleeps on them for too long.

When shopping for a new mattress, a person should tell the salesperson what they are looking for and what affects their sleep. If back and spine problems are the reason for the purchase, the salesperson will be able to help find the right mattress that addresses each concern. They know that a comfortable mattress can eliminate issues affecting the quality of a person’s sleep.

Signs that You’re in Need of a New Mattress

We get it- mattress shopping in Phoenix can be tedious, although at AZ Bedmart we pride ourselves on removing the tedium from the process. There is so much to choose from and how you select your comfort and firmness levels can even become a topic of debate between yourself and your mate. However, you may find that you can no longer prolong the inevitable. How do you know that it’s definitely time to invest in a new mattress? These are the key signs to look for:

Discomfort– Probably the number one sign that your mattress is wearing out is the level of discomfort that you’re experiencing. If you find that you’re waking up every morning with back and body aches, it’s likely that you’re experiencing discomfort from your aging mattress. Sagging can occur over time and if your body is not properly positioned for comfort, you will find that you long to sleep anywhere but in your bed.

Restlessness– This is another key sign. You may not necessarily feel the discomfort outright, but if you find that you can’t fall asleep all of a sudden, it’s likely your mattress. Your mattress may be aging, you may be sleeping on the wrong level of firmness, or even feeling hot at night. Did you know that foam mattresses retain more heat than spring ones? You may not realize that until you find that you’re constantly waking up overheated, or unable to sleep as a result of feeling too warm.

You Can’t Remember the Last Time you Bought a Mattress– As with anything, a mattress won’t last forever. It is recommended that you should obtain a new mattress every 7 years or so. Even if the warranty on your current mattress is for 10 years, the 7 year itch is common with a mattress, as it begins to break down and no longer live up to your sleep expectations.

Your Mattress Shows Obvious Signs of Wear– If the defects in your mattress have become obvious, i..e; tears, springs popping through and visible sagging, it’s definitely time to invest in a new one. Why risk all of the discomfort that is associated with sleeping on a worn down mattress? You deserve better.

If you find that these signs sound familiar to you, then contact us here at AZ Bedmart so that we can help you find a new mattress in Phoenix. We have a price guarantee so that you can feel rest assured that we will match any competitors out there and our knowledgeable staff will help you to find the perfect mattress that suits you. Don’t wait any longer. We spend about 1/3 of our lives sleeping- we want to make sure that your time is spent in comfort and style.

The Most Common Types of Mattresses in AZ

One of the most beneficial things you can do for your overall well-being is to get a good nights sleep. When you sleep good it helps you to have the energy necessary to get through a hectic day as well as being beneficial for reducing pain from tossing and turning all night in an uncomfortable bed. In order to get the type of sleep necessary for a healthier body, it is important to choose the correct mattresses in AZ. The AZ BedMart sells a wide range of mattress, but here are the most popular choices.

An open coil mattress is a traditional type of mattress as well as the most common type of mattresses in AZ. When choosing a coil mattress the size and amount of the coils effects the comfort and durability of the mattress. For example, when the springs are small, there is typically more of them, which provides a softer, more comfortable mattress. However, if you prefer a more firm mattress, the wire used for making the springs is thicker, so the smaller the gauge of the wire, the firmer the springs will be.

Memory foam mattresses in AZ are extremely popular. This type of mattress is made with a material known as visco elastic, which comes in different thicknesses and levels of firmness. When sleeping on a memory foam mattress the material molds itself to your body through the pressure of your body and your temperature. Memory foam is hypoallergenic and has been shown to be beneficial in relieving problems, such as pressure on the back.

A latex mattress is similar to a memory foam mattress in that it will mold to your body. The material used is anti-microbial, which prohibits the growth of dust mites, bacteria and fungi, so it is extremely beneficial for those who have breathing problems, such as allergies or asthma. A latex mattress provides excellent back support and does not need to be turned to prevent breakdown.

When buying a mattress, it is important to buy a new set of box springs at the same time. Box springs tend to break down without you being aware of it and if the springs are wearing down on the box springs, it will have an effect on your new mattress. The box springs and the mattress should ideally be made by the same manufacturer and both be of the same quality. Mattress vary in size, including twin, full, queen and king, so before going to the AZ BedMart, it is important to take careful measurements of your bed and frame to make sure you get the correct size mattress.